Panasonic Business launches a new retail unit with state-of-the-art technology solutions designed for leading retailers

BRACKNELL, UK - During its 100th anniversary year, Panasonic Business in Europe has today announced the launch of a new knowledge and service hub: Retail Strategic Business Unit. This is a division within the Connected Solutions Company (CNS), that was established in April 2017.

Through this launch, the retail strategic business unit will become a leading source for innovative retail technologies. Panasonic is focused on developing digital retail solutions to become an indispensable technology partner for its retail customers through its customer-centric business model and strength in IoT solutions. A key area of strength will be establishing its digital retail solutions to support and enhance physical retail spaces so that, the physical store can still be the greatest asset.

Panasonic’s business focus for retail is to become Europe’s leading provider of innovative digital retail solutions, which will see Panasonic Business working closely with expert partners to deliver efficient in-store operations and enrich the customer shopping experience.

Bricks and mortar retailers continue to face multiple challenges, including the rise of ecommerce, creating a connected customer journey and being able to meet the behaviour and demands of the modern customer. Panasonic Business believes that through greater digitisation, automation and connectivity across the retail experience and supply chain, it can enhance physical retail spaces. This includes providing improved operational efficiency and greater customer engagement.

To achieve these goals, Panasonic Business has developed a series of solutions that bring together its best-in-class technologies and expertise with industry partners to deliver the best customer value.

It will focus its retail strategy on three key points:

  • Boosting sales
  • Optimising store operations
  • Security & Loss prevention

Panasonic Business has been driving its expertise across six technology and product areas. Together with external partners –  all of whom are leaders in their fields – Panasonic is working to continously deliver ready-made solutions that can easily be customised to match an organisation’s needs.

“As part of our centennial year, we are continuing to drive excellence and deliver innovative solutions which can improve the lives of professionals. Panasonic Business is committed to becoming an indispensable technology partner for its retail customers,” said Cydrick Petiteaux, 

Head of Retail Business Solutions at Panasonic Business Europe. “With over 5,000 certified partners and access to multiple specialists in the market, we are committed to providing complete technology solutions, that will improve the customer experience our retail partners can offer.”  

With over 400 employees and engineers across multiple offices in Europe, as well as two dedicated state-of-the-art business solution centres in Wiesbaden, Germany and Bracknell, UK, Panasonic Business’ new business unit and focus on retail solutions will drive forwards its development to address the challenges within the sector.

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