• WV-SPW532L

  • WV-SPW312L

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Panasonic Bullet Cameras - Small in price, Packed with quality.

Reduce costs while operating a high quality security system with Panasonic's Bullet Cameras. 

Panasonic are proud to introduce the newest editions to their 3 Series and 5 Series security camera range - the WV-SPW532L and WV-SPW312L bullet cameras. These products have been designed to be a high quality addition to a security system at an extremely low cost. Not only do these two cameras come at an extremely affordable price, they also employ a variety of features designed to reduce operation costs, such as:

Both products are also inundated with features to ensure versatility:

  • The cameras are small in size, making them unobtrusive and discreet. Ideal for retail/customer facing environments
  • IR LED & Day/night functions - The cameras perform well in low light conditions, and the IR function automatically adjusts to lighting levels
  • High light compensation - this feature prevents the camera from being dazzled by bright lighting by automatically adapting
  • IP66 rated, water and dust resistant, weatherproof  - suitable for a variety of environments
  • Auto-back focus - Ensures easy installation

Both cameras are also Onvif compliant, and can be integrated seamlessly with a variety of systems. For general information, please follow the links below.

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WV-SPW532L Bullet Camera

WV-SPW312L Bullet Camera



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Press release - Panasonic launches bullet cameras loaded with high quality features