• AK-HC5000

HD Studio Camera

Studio camera system equipped with 1080p, 4x high-speed shooting and high-end image quality





Added / Improved Functions


HDR-PAINT: Function that allows adjusting the Gamma curve when HDR is applied


Variable menus are added for BLACK GAMMA and KNEE in HLG MODE


Variable menus are added for GAIN and CLIP in SDR CONVERT MODE


SHOCKLESS WB: Function that makes WB shockless when COLOR TEMP is changed


Variable range of M.PED is extended


Selection item to double the variable amount is added to MASTER PEDESTAL RANGE menu


Variable range of MASTER BLACK GAMMA is extended.


Setting range of MASTER BLACK GAMMA is changed from ±32 to ±48. 


Focus Assist and other functions are added to USER SW assignable features


For HDR output, COLORIMETRY (= YC MATRIX: BT.709/BT.2020) switching menu is added



Key Features

  • Sensitivity F11 (59.94Hz), F12 (50Hz) at 2,000lx and an excellent S/N ratio of 60 dB, without NR

  • Supported Format (from camera): 1080/59.94p, 50p, 59.94i, 50i, 29.97psF, 25psF, 23.98p over 59.94i

  • Supported Format (from CCU): 1080/59.94p, 50p, 59.94i, 50i, 29.97psF, 25psF, 23.98p over 59.94i, 23.98psF, 720/59.94p, 50p, 480/59.94i, 576/50i

  • High Speed output from CCU: 1080/239.8p, 200p

  • Equipped with a CAC (Chromatic Aberration Compensation) function capable of correcting even slight chromatic aberration at the lens periphery

  • The DRS (Dynamic Range Stretch) function suppresses blocked shadows and blown highlights

  • The V-REC, F-REC provides powerful support in digital cinema production

  • Black gamma function for independent color settings in dark areas

  • Features an internal digital extender (x2 magnification)

  • 12-axis color correction, detail, skin tone detail (plus two axis) and easy matrix adjustment

  • An SD Memory Card can be used to set up data and firmware versions

  • IP streaming (future option) and IP control is supported

  • Advanced trunk functions such as 3x CCU to camera, plus 1x HD-SDI from Camera to CCU as well as a 1000Base-T LAN-Trunk

  • Additional 2.5A DC output

The AK-HC5000 HD Broadcast Studio Camera is equipped with newly developed 2/3-type MOS sensors that produce high sensitivity and an excellent S/N ratio. While including functions appreciated in the conventional model such as DRS and CineGamma, the AK-HC5000 Series adds new features such as focus assist, flash band compensation, and skew reduction which is realized through high-speed readout from the MOS sensors. There are additional functions to improve shooting experience; including enhanced shock less gain (-3 dB to 36 dB), a user gamma function, black gamma correction according to the pedestal setting, multi-step DNR and easy matrix adjustment.

The AK-HC5000 delivers excellent image quality and operability. When used with the AK-UCU500 Camera Control Unit, it is capable of 1080/60p, 240p image output and high-image-quality uncompressed long-distance transmission. Also available to use alongside this product is the AK-HRP1000/HRP1005 Remote Operation Panel, equipped with a color LCD to provide visibility of the display for smooth control. The camera and camera control unit can be connected for approximately 2,000-meter long-distance transmission of video signals when power is supplied from the camera control unit. The remote operation panel and the camera can be connected using a dedicated cable. The AK-HVF100 230mm (9-inches) LCD color view finder has also been newly developed and equipped with a large display and diverse functions such as focus assist. Overall, this system offers superior cost performance with respect to both operability and ease of use.

AK-UCU500 Camera Control Unit 

Added / Improved Functions


HDR - related features are supported


For 4K-HDR output, GAMUT (= Color Gamut: NORMAL/WIDE-G) switching menu is added


The Panasonic AK-UCU500 camera control unit allows a high quality, long-distance optical fiber transmission camera system to be configured at a low cost.


  • Optical fiber transmission of uncompressed video signals (including video return without compression) over a distance of approximately 2,000 m between the camera and camera control unit.

  • The compact, lightweight unit measures 2U in height and is rack-mountable.

  • Supported formats when using AK-HC5000:
    1080/59.94p, 50p, 59.94i, 50i
    1080/29.97p (over 59.94i), 23.98p (over 59.94i)
    1080/25p (over 50i)
    720/59.94p, 50p
    480/59.94i 576/50i
    1080/59.94p: 239.76Fps
    1080/50p: 200Fps

  • Supported formats when using AK-UC3000:
    2160/59.94p, 50p, 29.97p, 25p, 25psF, 23.98p, 23.98psF
    1080/59.94p, 50p, 59.94i, 50i
    1080/23.98p (over 59.94i)
    1080/29.97psF, 25psF, 23.98psF
    720/59.94p, 50p
    480/59.94i, 576/50i

  • Supports IP Streaming (RJ45 LAN Cable, future option)

  • Variable operation with advanced TRUNK and Loop through function

     CCU -> CAM HD-SDI x1 and analog x2
     CAM -> CCU HD-SDI x1
     Loop through: Prompter and HD-SDI, TRUNK, RET1, G/L

  • An SD Memory Card can be used for saving user files and updating firmware version

  • Input/Output: SDI OUT x8,Video return x4, Teleprompter x2, Data Trunk x2, 1000Base-T x1

panasonic, professional camera, control unit, 4k camera


AK-HRP1000/AK-HRP1005 Remote Operation Panel


Added / Improved Functions

Controlling the following AW cameras via Serial or LAN connection is made possible.
AW-HR140, AW-HE130, AW-UE70 and AW-HE40 Series (AW-HE35, HE38, HE40, HE48, HE58, HE65, HE70) 
A new function is added to Setup Software as well, so using a PC is also made possible to set up the connection with the above AW cameras 
Camera List TAB: Serial (AW*) and Network (AW*) are added to Camera Type Selection items


The function for formatting SD cards is added to Setting MENU (of ROP itself)


  • Available two types of Remote Operation Panel as 1/4 rack size AK-HRP1000 and 1/5 rack size AK-HRP1005

  • Easy recognition and visible color LCD allows GUI operation

  • Variable Master Gain at assignable User Knob

  • Assignable knob in addition to Color Temperature and Master Flare Rotary encoder knobs for smooth and absolute/relative adjustments

  • MSU data transfer function

  • PoE (Power over Ethernet) supported

  • Can be used for mixed studio and remote control of Panasonic convertible cameras and PTZ cameras via IP connection (up to 20 units)

  • Equipped with a joystick control lever allows Iris/Pedestal operation

  • Scene File function provided

  • Equipped with an SD Memory Card slot for saving user files and updating firmware version

panasonic, professional camera, remote operation panel


AK-HVF100 LCD Colour Viewfinder

Light weight and high resolution (9-type IPS LCD 1920*1080, 1,100 TV lines) viewfinder with built-in mechanical lift versatile assist functions


  • Focus assist functions

  • External HD-SDI Input and 12V 4-pin XLR input

  • Four assignable function switches

  • Contrast, brightness and peaking are adjustable

panasonic, hd viewfinder, broadcast camera, professional camera


AK-HBU500 Build-up Unit

  • Large and ENG/EFP lens adaptor

  • Camera can be mounted fast and smoothly

  • One cable solution

  • Power Output: DC12V/7.5A and DC12V/1.5A

  • 3 User buttons

  • 3 Cursor memories/button



AK-MSU1000 Master Setup Unit

Added / Improved Functions


Controlling AK-UB300 via LAN connection is made possible


A new function is added to Setup Software as well, so using a PC is also made possible to set up the connection with AK-UB300


The function for formatting SD cards is added to Setting MENU

  • Large scale 7-type color LCD Touch Panel

  • Master control of precise camera settings for the entire camera system

  • Serial & IP control (6x serial and up to 99 cameras by IP)

  • Camera/CCU Information Output (1080i)

  • HD SDI Input (Monitoring, 1080i)


Some functions will be available by mid 2016.