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Prime time ITV drama goes to air featuring the VariCam LT

ITV’s latest Jeff Pope drama Little Boy Blue will air its second episode on Monday, after a successful debut drew 5 million viewers in the peak 9pm slot.

An image from production on Little Boy Blue

ITV Studios chose the VariCam LT, supplied by rental house ProVision, as the primary camera for the emotional factual drama, which was shot on location in Liverpool.

Little Boy Blue documents the true story of the tragic 2007 killing of 11-year old passionate Everton fan Rhys Jones, who was caught in the crossfire of a gangland shooting as he made his way home after football practice.

Director of Photography Adam Gillham (Downton Abbey, The Halcyon) ran the LT through portrait and low light testing with Director Paul Whittington, responsible for The Widower and Cilla as well as The Moorside, another Jeff Pope written drama to use the VariCam.

After proving to be highly capable, the LT was selected as the main camera and used exclusively handheld on the shoot.

With a particularly sensitive subject matter, and the fact that the production was taking place in the vicinity of where the real life events played out, there was a strong feeling that work on the series should be kept as inconspicuous as possible. Here the VariCam’s strong low light performance was a key factor.

An image from production on Little Boy Blue

“We didn’t want to be putting up cherry pickers and lighting rigs,” explained Adam Gillham. “Shooting on the LT was a new experience for me and there was some getting to grips with it and the way it works. Now I know how to get the best out of it I would definitely consider using the VariCam on future projects.”

The second episode airs on ITV1 on Monday 1 May at 9pm. Read the full case study at https://business.panasonic.co.uk/professional-camera/little-boy-blue

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