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Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision @ COMPAMED 2019!

Europe's leading festival of cinematography, Camerimage, will run its 27th edition  in Toruń, Poland.

We are honored to be the sponsor of the festival once again and support high standards achieved by the cinematographers around the world.


Panasonic Roadshow 2019

Oslo 11/10 - Entry Hotel - Register here
Stockholm 18/10 - Moderna Museet - Register here
Copenhagen 23/10 - Frihedens Idraetscenter - Register here

Opening hours: 10.00 - 16.00


Panasonic Industrial Medical Vision (IMV) will exhibit at this year’s meeting of Rhinoplasty Society of Europe and General Assembly on the 8th of April (RSE) and also at the 27th Stuttgart Advanced Course for Rhinoplasty which takes place from the 9th till the 10th of April.