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ProAV EXPO 2018

Event Date: 
31 October 2018 to 1 November 2018

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High-performance PTZ cameras

This year at ProAV Expo, we’ll be displaying our integrated PTZ cameras. This series of UHD (4K), Full-HD and SD remote cameras can handle even the most difficult shooting conditions.

We’ll be showcasing the NEW AW-UE150 4K PTZ and the AW-RP150 controller as well as AW-HE130 Full-HD Remote Camera with integrated Pan-Tilt, the compact AW-UE70 4K Remote Camera, AW-RP50 Remote Camera Controller and AW-HS50 Compact Live Switcher.

AW-UE150 - 4K Remote PTZ camera 

4K 60p/50p Output, High-Magnification Zoom and Wide-Angle Shooting for Flexible Video Production

Key Features:

First 4K 50p Integrated PTZ Camera
75.1° horizontal viewing angle (widest in its class)
Various 4K interfaces (12G-SDI, HDMI, Optical Fiber, IP)
Optical 20x Zoom + iZoom
4K/HD Simultaneous Output





AW-HE130 - Full HD Camera with integrated pan-tilt and PoE+

Video Output via 3G-SDI and IP Streaming Transmission

Key Features:

20x zoom with 1/2,86-type three MOS sensors
Night Mode
HD-IP Streaming
Optical Image Stabilizer, Night Mode & Fan-Less Design

AW-UE70 - 4K Remote Camera

Excellent 4K images via HDMI, USB and IP as well as in HD via 3G-SDI with single cable operation.

Key Features:

20x zoom with 4K video via HDMI, USB and LAN (UHD: 3840 x 2160 @25p)
HD video via 3G-SDI (up to 1080/50p)
Supports PoE+ for lower installation costs
IP control with image monitoring using PC, Mac and mobile terminals
Up to 100 cameras can be controlled via IP from a single controller.

We will of course also showcase our signature VariCam® cameras in different configurations and the AU-EVA1 4K camcorder. One of the configuration is the 4K Super 35 mm Varicam LT with the AK-HRP1000/1005 remote operational panels allows full paint features, scene file selection, remote REC control, remote camera reboot, and call functionality. Return video and tally management enables real multi-camera operation, whereas various shooting modes allow productions to apply different shading and/or grading on internal recording and video outputs. We will also be exhibiting the new AK-UC4000 studio camera and NDI production workflows


Lecture capture & streaming solutions over IP w. Panopto

Panasonic new cameras (HN32, HN40 and HN130) are now a source for all NDI compatible systems and software on your network. With NewTek NDI | HX driver enabled, all cameras detected on your network are immediately available for use - with no complex configuration required.

NewTek provide free software tools which can be downloaded here including Studio Monitor and Virtual Camera to use NDI|HX within Lecture Capture systems such as Panopto.

Panopto is a video platform that offers businesses and universities an end-to-end solution for recording, streaming, sharing, storing and managing video.  It includes a powerful search engine that makes it possible to search inside video for any word spoken or shown in a recording.

With Panopto, the learners in your organization can easily make screen and video recordings, as well as edit and distribute them. The platform is incredibly user friendly and can help your team quickly develop compelling training and learning materials. Panopto can integrate with a wide variety of other systems, so you can connect the Panopto video platform to the tools your learners already use.

Join ProAV Expo Oct. 31- Nov.1 and meet representatives from Panopto and Panasonic to learn more.


Giving you the freedom to create spectacular shows

Panasonic products and technologies are designed with one thing in mind: giving you the freedom to amaze your audiences with experiences they’ll remember forever. Join us at ProAV Expo October 31 - November 1 and take a look at our full range of live entertainment solutions.

PT-RZ120 - Packing 12 500 lm Brightness into a Compact Body, the PT-RZ120 Dual-Drive Solid Shine Laser Projector Lets You Do More

Stunning image quality in a compact body designed for fixed installation & large venues.

Key Features:

・ Combines 1-Chip DLP™ imaging with proprietary SOLID SHINE Laser technology for accurate and immersive pictures at 12,500 lm*1
・ Dust-resistant projector structure with airtight optical block
・ Dual-drive laser optical engine with dual phosphor wheels assures reliable 24/7 operation with light-source failover protection
・ Up to 20,000 hours of continuous maintenance-free operation*4
・ Shares optional lenses*6 with Panasonic 1-Chip DLP™ projector family
・ Compact body and free 360-degree installation (vertical and horizontal)
・ DIGITAL LINK / HDMI® support transmission of 4K signals
・ Built-in Geometric Adjustment for projection onto specially shaped screens
・ Supports Geometry Manager Pro and optional Upgrade Kit (ET-UK20)
・ Auto Screen Adjustment Upgrade Kit (ET-CUK10/ET-CUK10P)

PT-RZ21K - Smallest 20 000 lumens Solid Shine Laser Projector

Stunning image quality in a compact body designed for large venues.

Key Features:

Laser 3-chip DLP, smallest and lightest 21 000 centre lumens,  WUXGA
Lamp-free laser projection with dust resistant liquid cooling system for 20000 hours maintenance free operation
Real maintenance-free projection with filter-less design and no need for smoke-filter
Un-interrupted projection with dual-light source and built in redundancy inputs
Geometric Manager Pro, colour matching and edge blending

PT-RZ31K - 30 000 lumens-class Solid Shine Laser Projector

Stunning image quality in a compact body designed for large venues.

Key Features:

Laser 3-chip DLP, 31 000 centre lumens,  WUXGA
Lamp-free laser projection and dust resistant liquid cooling system with 20000 hours of free maintenance
120Hz high frame rate for superb and sharp motion pictures
20,000:1 contrast ratio
Geometric Manager Pro, colour matching and edge blending

Dramatic dome projection

Take one high-brightness laser projector, add one wide-angle fisheye lens and you have an impressive dome projection which will really grab the attention.

Showcasing the 20,000 lumens PT-RQ22 laser projector’s 4K+ resolution and maintenance-free design, this projection is not to be missed. The PT-RQ22 can handle 360-degree installation through any axis. Thanks to the SOLID SHINE™ Laser technology, it can be fitted at any angle without distorting the picture, making it perfect for tight spaces like galleries and exhibitions. Combined with the ET-D3LEF70 fisheye lens, it’s the ideal choice for dazzling, long-lasting projections in planetariums, theatres and events. With its angle of view up to 183°, the fisheye lens gives a single projector the ability to cover the whole dome.

PT-RQ22 - Commpact and filterless 20 000 lumens 4K+ Solid Shine Laser ProjectorET-D3LEF70Fisheye lens for 3-Chip DLP projectors

Stunning image quality in a compact body designed for large venues

Key Features:

Laser 3-chip DLP, 21 000 centre lumens, 4K+
Lamp-free laser projection with dust resistant liquid cooling system with 20 000 hours of free maintenance
5K pixel performance with a quad pixel drive system on a WQXGA chipset
240Hz high frame rate for superb and sharp motion pictures
20 000:1 contrast ratio

Stunning 4K display ­– 86” EQ1 4K display

Crisp 4K resolution displays, from 43” all the way up to the impressive 86” screen. Our entire EQ1 display line-up is now available in 4K and we’re showcasing the biggest of them all at prolight + sound.

These displays know how to make the most of your space with their slim profile and narrow bezel design. Display content without external cables thanks to the USB media player, and use the master USB memory to sync content across multiple displays. And with clear contrast, 350 cd/m2 brightness and excellent off-axis visibility, these screens will have your content looking its very best.

EQ1 Series - 4K entry professional displays

Thin and stylish design with narrow bezel, offering high quality digital signage with easy installation and high connectivity, ideal for corporate and retail applications.  

Key Features:

Available sizes: 86”, 75”, 65”, 55”, 50” and 43”
350 cd/m²
4k resolution for the highest detail and quality of images. Non-4K sources are also beautifully compensated.
Simple signage with built-in USB media player to play 4K video and still-images without Set-top Box (STB) or PC.
Extensive connectivity

SQ1 Series - 4K Indoor professional displays

Large 4K Indoor Displays Add Powerful Features for Pro Users in a Lightweight, Slim and Stylish Design

Key Features:

Available sizes: 86” & 98"”
500 cd/m²
4K Ultra HD panel clearly reproduces the finest textures and details
Bright and efficient high-visibility panel with 500 cd/m² of brightness
IPS panel assures wide and clear off-axis visibility while preserving color accuracy when viewed off-center
Accurate color reproduction for vivid and natural picture quality
Supports HDR (High Dynamic Range) in HLG (Hybrid Log-Gamma) format
Built-in USB Media Player plays 4K video via USB input
Extensive connectivity

Professional display with built-in LinkRay™

Experience our revolutionary LinkRay™ technology with the 55” TH-55SF1H LinkRay™ display. LinkRay™ uses visible light to send interactive or customized content straight to mobile devices – you can even deliver content in the user’s native language. Selected Panasonic professional displays have LinkRay™ built in, delivering content quickly, easily and securely and creating a simple, fast and intuitive experience.

TH-55SF1H - High-brightness display with LinkRay technology

Send digital content to smartphones through LED light, ideal for use in digital signage and live entertainment

55", 700 cd/m2, 6,3 mm bezel width
Built-in LinkRay transmission function allowing to send digital information to smartphones using an app
High brightness and strong reliability enable continuous 24/7 operation with highly durable panel
System expandability : USB media player and DIGITAL LINK functions enable simple setup and low system costs
High-performance image engine for optimal picture adjustment