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Consumables and options

Each of our all-in-one printers and fax systems consumables has been specifically designed to assist in, and enhance your use of, our wider all-in-one printers and fax range of copy machines, telephones and PBX systems. Ensuring optimum functionality across all digital-image processing, and maximising efficiency across your business.

The table below gives you full details of the consumables available for each product in our all-in-one printers and fax systems range.

KX-MB1530, KX-MB1520, KX-MB1500

All-in-one Toner Cartridge KX-FAT410X (2,500 pages)
KX-FAT390X (1,500 pages)


Toner cartridge KX-FAT411X (2,000 pages)
Drum cartridge KX-FAD412X (6,000 pages)


Digital Cordless Handset

Panasonic Handsets DECT

KX-MB2030, KX-MB2025, KX-MB2010, KX-MB2000

Toner cartridge KX-FAT411X (2,000 pages)
Drum cartridge KX-FAD412X (Max. 6,000 pages)


Toner cartridge DQ-TCB008 (8,000 pages)
Double Pack Toner Cartridge DQ-TCB008-XD (16,000 pages)
Drum cartridge DQ-DCB020 (20,000 pages)


Lower input tray

DA-LCB350 (520-sheet)

KX-MC6260, KX-MC6020 / MC6015

Toner cartridge Standard Yield (pages) High Yield (pages)
Cyan KX-FATC501X (2,000) KX-FATC506X (4,000)
Magenta KX-FATM502X (2,000) KX-FATM507X (4,000)
Yellow KX-FATY503X (2,000) KX-FATY508X (4,000)
Black KX-FATK504X (2,500) KX-FATK509X (4,000)
Waste toner KX-FAW505X (Colour: 8,000, B/W: 32,000)
Drum cartridge KX-FADC510X (Colour: 10,000) / KX-FADK511X(B/W: 10,000)


Lower input tray KX-FAP317X (520-sheet)
Automatic duplex unit KX-FAB318X


Toner cartridge UG-3391 (3,000 pages)
Drum unit UG-3390 (6,000 pages)


All-in-one Cartridge UG-3380 (8,000 pages)
Internet fax module UE-404094
2nd Paper feed module UE-404090 (250 sheets)


All-in-one cartridge UG-5575 (10,000 pages)
UF-8300/7300 are delivered with a full cartridge of 10,000 prints


Internet Fax/Email/Network Scanner Module UE-404094 (standard for UF-8200)
G3 Communication Port Kit UE-407029
2nd Paper Feed Module UE-409080 (550 sheets)


Toner cartridge KX-FA83X (2,500 pages)
Drum unit KX-FA84X (Max. 10,000 pages)


Replacement film KX-FA52X (30 m x 2 rolls)
Optional Handset Panasonic Handsets DECT


Replacement film KX-FA52X (30 m x 2 rolls)


Optional handset Panasonic Handsets DECT


Replacement film KX-FA52X (30 m x 2 rolls)


Toner cartridge KX-FAT472X (2,000 pages*7)
KX-FAT472X-T (2,000 pages*7 x 3)
Drum unit Drum Cartridge KX-FAD473X (10,000 pages)