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Panasonic scanners score a hat-trick at the BLI awards

Four Panasonic scanners have been named ‘outstanding’ products of the year at the BLI Summer 2018 awards in departmental, workgroup, and light production scanning.

The Buyers Lab (BLI) awards are presented following over two months of product testing, with Panasonic scooping three awards for its outstanding scanner range.

Panasonic’s brand new scanner, the KV-N1058X was awarded first place for the ‘Outstanding Departmental Scanner’ award. The 200/300 dpi high scanning speed increases productivity alongside the multi-document and double feed scanning capability. Network capabilities increase flexibility by scanning through web browsers, scan to email, smartphones and tablets.

Two scanners (KV-S1026C-MKII and KV-S1037X) won awards for the ‘Outstanding Workgroup Scanner’, with space saving installation making them suited for office workspaces. Both include features such as duplex scanning, mixed document feeding, and double feed prevention - useful for multi-document scanning across businesses such as banks, medical offices and hotels. 

The KV-S7097 high performance flatbed scanner was also awarded the ‘Outstanding Light Production Scanner’. This scanner is fast speed up to 200 IPM with one touch duplex scanning, multi-size, and multi-material functionality saving time and resources whilst increasing productivity.

All four winning models include Image Capture Plus, an application which creates good quality images with complex processes such as automatic crop, blank page removal and image orientation.

Navdeep Singh, Regional Marketing Manager for Communication Solutions said, “We make our scanners with businesses in mind, hoping to make simple tasks easier thereby allowing employees to focus on other responsibilities. We are proud that our scanners were able to complete the Buyers Lab’s rigorous reliability testing with 170,000 pages scanned without a single mistake.”

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