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GTC member Richard Hopkins has combined a passion for photography with a scientific interest in the behaviour of small mammals ever since he was a young boy. As an adult, he has continued to pursue these interests as a relaxing counterpoint to his demanding work as a consultant radiologist.


Panasonic has announced a new palm camcorder, aimed at semi-professional event videographers, that is set to replace the popular AG-AC90.

The AG-AC30 is a 1-chip Full-HD camcorder, designed and built in Japan, which brings an unprecedented number of useful tools and features, that will help deliver professional looking pictures in all environments.  

The camcorder offers a newly designed lens capable of a very wide focal range (20x zoom and 29.5mm wide angle), three manual rings for focus, iris, and zoom and two-channel XLR audio inputs.


Mediapro has added two new 4K mobile units, featuring 57 Panasonic AK-UC3000 cameras, for the production of international events.

The additional units are in addition to the company’s existing mobile unit, equipped for UHD production, which in the past year was used by Mediapro Spain to produce two El Clásico football matches.